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Life-course Perspective

Brian Tiburzi

The life-course framework for studying disability emphasizes the importance of developmental stages and tasks within an historical and medical context. It finds that decisions about current disability-related issues are influenced by broader concerns about identity and the fulfillment of personal and cultural expectations (Scheer & Luborsky, 1991). Early life experiences with disability are often found to still be important in …


Brian Tiburzi

Post-polio wellness retreats provide an opportunity to renew the mind, body and spirit to have post-polio questions answered by unhurried medical experts to spend custom-designed days enjoying recreational activities to learn more about how to stay strong and healthy Moving several steps beyond re-rehabilitation, retreats offer ongoing wellness approaches that promise to improve overall health and quality of life. Important …

Post-Polio Wellness Retreat Ideas from Colorado

Brian Tiburzi

The first Colorado Post-Polio Wellness Retreat was held Aug. 17-21, 2014 at Rocky Mountain Village (Easter Seals Camp) in Empire, Colorado about 40 miles west of Denver. In attendance were 53 people (Three were faculty and not polio survivors; eight spouses/caregivers; 42 polio survivors). There were two on-site faculty/organizers/polio survivors and a number of faculty members who drove up for …


Brian Tiburzi

Throughout life, people move in one direction or another on the wellness continuum ranging from maximum performance on one end to serious illness or premature death on the other end. Polio survivors do not need to constantly struggle from one health crisis to the next. While some health problems require professional assistance, others can be controlled by the individual. Once …

Ten Axioms for Living With Polio

Brian Tiburzi

Joyce Ann Tepley, LMSW/ACP, LCP 1. Approach one’s life from the inside out. 2. Anything one does physically comes from an idea first. 3. Work with intention rather than will power. 4. Attitude is more iimportant than activity. 5. An attitude is an idea blended with emotion. It is the most powerful energy in the world. 6. One can profit from a negative attitude …