We’re Still Here! 2021 – Third Runner-up

Dianne Wall, Winter Springs, Florida

I was given a love and talent for music and became a registered music therapist, as well as a professional singer. I have always used my music therapy to exercise/stretch, as well as keep my spirits up, but during the pandemic, I used my music to stay healthy and calm.

I knew I needed to stay engaged with people, even when we were isolating, so I used technology to stay connected. I have been the director of many choirs during the years, but during this pandemic, I had my first virtual choir with my church’s children’s choir that I was directing. Since we could not meet in person, I learned how to use Zoom and another app called Loom. We also used FaceTime.


I recorded MP3s and sent them to the children’s parents. Our big accomplishment was a singing Christmas card that was played on the church’s YouTube channel. I had each one record themselves using their cellphones and send me their MP3 recording. I used my recording software to lay down each recording as a track and blended them all together. It took many hours, but it was a labor of love.

Staying healthy is an attitude of gratitude for me, and thanks to technology, I was able to practice that immensely. Here is the MP3 of the children singing "Night of Silence," along with "Silent Night."