We’re Still Here! 2020 – Second Runner-up

Mitzi Tolman, Lakewood, Colorado

The Colorado Post-Polio Organization has been working hard during the pandemic to maintain contact and support our members. Support groups have met virtually, in person at a distance, and by phone trees. Dr. Marny Eulberg has continued to provide support in-person with individual survivors as they address their health concerns.  

At the Aurora meeting in September we learned some adaptive chair yoga led by Gloria Shea, wife of Keith (polio survivor and group member). Gloria is a retired RN and taught chair yoga at the Aurora Center for Active Adults for many years. As a senior and wife of a Post-Polio survivor she’s been to our group and knows the levels of disabilities represented. It was fun and inclusive and everyone joined in. She gave me handouts to make copies of for next meeting.

The facilitator safely served donuts with no one touching anything but their own. It was a fun treat.