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Sip and Puff Technique video

View a video that demonstrates how sip and puff works. It was taken for a Korean TV science and technology program and is not the best quality and the language is Korean, but is great for showing this technique used for operating a wheelchair and other devices.

Use a manual chair? Need an assist?

For individuals who cannot easily manage a power chair, or for those who find pushing their manual chairs difficult, here is a new option. Outfitted with e.motion® power-assist wheels (, my manual wheelchair can be propelled with very little effort. The power assist wheels slip on and off just like the standard wheels do. Power can be set for 50 …

Shoulder problems for wheelchair user

I had bilateral lower extremity polio in 1953.  Although given long leg braces I chose to use my manual wheelchair (I didn’t fall down and have to look strange wearing clothing over my braces).  In my 50’s I began to have pain in my arms and shoulders and subsequent weakness.  I was told I had tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and residual …