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More on the Mayo Clinic Study of Anesthesia in Post-Polio Patients

Brian Tiburzi

Selma H. Calmes, MD, anesthesiologist (retired), Olive View/UCLA Medical Center, Sylmar, California A recent Post-Polio Health article reported on the first scientific study of polio patients having anesthesia for major surgery. (1) The study was done at the Mayo Clinic and compared each post-polio (PP) patient to two control patients of the same age with the same severity of preoperative illnesses and having similar …

What to do about a bursa?

Brian Tiburzi

In mid-August 2016, I bumped my right elbow on the bar of my wheelchair, and it hurt a lot for a few days. But it wasn’t till late September that I developed a bursa. The nurse practitioner at our doctor’s office drained it, but it filled back up. When I went there the following week she didn’t want to drain …

Anesthesia Specifics for PPS

Brian Tiburzi

Selma Calmes, MD, (ret) anesthesiologist 1. Post-polio patients are nearly always very sensitive to sedative meds, and emergence can be prolonged. This is probably due to central neuronal changes, especially in the Reticular Activating System, from the original disease. 2. Non-depolarizing muscle relaxants cause a greater degree of block for a longer period of time in post-polio patients. The current …