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Effects of Whole Body Vibration on People with Post-Polio Syndrome

Brian Tiburzi

Carolyn P. Da Silva, PT, DSc, NCS, Texas Woman’s University, Houston, Texas, and Yi-Wen Michelle Pu, MD, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas In 2013, Post-Polio Health International awarded its seventh research grant ($25,000) to lead researcher, Carolyn P. Da Silva, PT, DSc, NCS, Texas Woman’s University. The study explored an important topic – exercise. Whole body vibration (WBV) is …

Pain and Using Wheelchair

Brian Tiburzi

Post-Polio Health, Volume 28, Number 1, Winter 2012 Ask Dr. Maynard Frederick M. Maynard, MD“Ask Dr. Maynard,” Post-Polio Health, Volume 28, Number 1, Winter 2012 Question: I have been having a LOT of pain through my butt into my lower back. I looked up muscle groups and think I see what is causing the problem. I sit at my desk nine or so hours …

Regain Strength and Muscle Mass through Exercise

Brian Tiburzi

Post-Polio Health, Volume 26, Number 4, Fall 2010 Ask Dr. Maynard Frederick M. Maynard, MD Question: I read with great interest the question and answer about knees collapsing in Vol. 26, No. 2 ( I had polio at age 1. I’m told that I made a full recovery and that our local doctor used me as an example of a “miraculous” …

Trust Trainers?

Brian Tiburzi

Post-Polio Health, Volume 30, Number 2, Spring 2014. Ask Dr. Maynard Frederick M. Maynard, MD Question: My husband had polio at age 8. He is now 71. His left leg has started giving out on him and he falls. He goes to a special trainer, but I’m afraid the trainer doesn’t know how to treat this. What type of exercises should benefit …

Sample Exercises

Brian Tiburzi

This set of sample exercises for polio survivors was prepared by Christy Osborn, PT, DPT of Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, Michigan. Note: Caution should be taken in ensuring that each individual has a program that is tailored to fit their unique needs and is designed for the individual following a thorough assessment and is supervised initially by knowledgeable health …

How to Exercise If You Are Living with Post Polio Syndrome

Brian Tiburzi

By Stephen Pate If you have Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), it’s vital to exercise moderately every second day to keep the muscles we have and avoid obesity, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Exercise also helps us accomplish more of those activities of daily living and can improve how we feel. Why Exercise? While it seems obvious, many of us with …

Pflex® (my new friend) and More and Physician Response


Carol Wallace, MEd, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Austin, Texas I contracted polio in 1951 at age 5. Acute and rehabilitation hospitalization totaled two-and-a-half years with six months of iron lung treatment. Both my upper extremities and are paralyzed with only partial and weak right-hand motor function. As an adult, my forced vital capacity averages 48 percent. I require noninvasive mechanical ventilation …