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Health Professionals say: PPS-G14, Sequelae of Polio B91

Brian Tiburzi

In 2016, Post-Polio Health International (PHI) surveyed health professionals with experience in post-polio patient care. A PowerPoint of some of the data can be viewed at Survey of Health Professionals with Experience in Post-Polio Patient Care. Post-Polio Health, Volume 33, Number 3, (August, 2017) will feature an article about the results, too. One thought not discussed in either of the above …

Constipation in Polio Survivors

Brian Tiburzi

From my standpoint as a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the connection between constipation and post-polio syndrome is academic. i.e., it is an interesting discussion and may be important, but I am not sure it changes treatment. William M. DeMayo, MD Here are some practical thoughts. I would address the issue the same as a partial neurogenic bowel, i.e., in …