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Every Body Benefits from Massage

Brian Tiburzi

Leslie Drawdy, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, Tucson, Arizona Massage is known to have many general health benefits, including decreased stress and anxiety, increased blood flow, decreased blood pressure, decreased pain and stiffness. Certain techniques can also result in decreased edema and hypersensitivity. Many people with post-polio syndrome (PPS) suffer from pain, cold intolerance and hypersensitivity. Most research and books on PPS …

Polio Doctors

Brian Tiburzi

There is no official certification for a “polio doctor.” The most common use of this informal designation is a physician with knowledge, experience and interest in evaluation and treatment of polio survivors. Given the most common new disabling medical problems of polio survivors, physicians with expertise in neuromuscular disease management that includes the ability to recognize and treat chronic musculoskeletal …

Pflex® (my new friend) and More and Physician Response

Brian Tiburzi

Carol Wallace, MEd, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Austin, Texas I contracted polio in 1951 at age 5. Acute and rehabilitation hospitalization totaled two-and-a-half years with six months of iron lung treatment. Both my upper extremities and are paralyzed with only partial and weak right-hand motor function. As an adult, my forced vital capacity averages 48 percent. I require noninvasive mechanical ventilation …

“Taping” for Shoulder Pain

Brian Tiburzi

From the series, Polio Survivors Ask, by Nancy Baldwin Carter, B.A, M.Ed.Psych, from Omaha, Nebraska, is a polio survivor, a writer, and is founder and former director of Nebraska Polio Survivors Association. Q: I have a significant pain problem in my shoulder and I’ve heard about a special taping technique used by athletes. What’s the deal? Could it help me? A: Kinesio® Taping …

Effects of Whole Body Vibration on People with Post-Polio Syndrome

Brian Tiburzi

Carolyn P. Da Silva, PT, DSc, NCS, Texas Woman’s University, Houston, Texas, and Yi-Wen Michelle Pu, MD, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas In 2013, Post-Polio Health International awarded its seventh research grant ($25,000) to lead researcher, Carolyn P. Da Silva, PT, DSc, NCS, Texas Woman’s University. The study explored an important topic – exercise. Whole body vibration (WBV) is …