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Brian Tiburzi

Jane Dummer, Maryland I am qualified to speak about fatigue because I fade right after lunch. When I agreed to speak, I realized very quickly I was going to discuss something which is global, yet something I really cannot define for you. So what am I going to say? Fatigue is a normal part of living. Perhaps I can say …

Prescription for Pain

Brian Tiburzi

Sunny Roller, MA, Michigan New pain, muscle weakness and general fatigue are common complaints of post-polio individuals who fought polio once and won, but are now reluctantly having to return to rehabilitation after a 30-40 year reprieve. Along with muscle weakness and fatigue, new pain is the most common complaint of people with the late effects of polio. It is …

Acute Polio and Its Evolution: Reminiscences of a ‘Polio Fellow’

Brian Tiburzi

Ernest W. Johnson, MD Returning from 34 months in the southeast Pacific as a GI to my home in Akron, Ohio, I was entitled to four calendar years of a university education funded by the GI bill. I enrolled at The Ohio State University (OSU) and while rooming with a high school friend who was completing his last year of …

Post-Polio Medical Care: Post-Polio Specialists and Primary Care Physicians

Brian Tiburzi

Joan L. Headley, Executive Director, Post-Polio Health International Post-Polio Health International created a survey asking polio survivors about their post-polio medical care. The survey, Post-Polio Medical Care: Post-Polio Specialists and Primary Care Physicians, was posted online and a version was also published in Post-Polio Health (Volume 30, Number 2). Data was gathered from 632 people; 496 completed the survey online and 136 copies …

Polio’s Effects

Brian Tiburzi

GENERAL INFORMATION LETTER FOR POLIO SURVIVORS Why are “old polios” who were stable for years now losing function? What should they do about it? Jacquelin Perry, MD, DSc (Hon), Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, Downey, California The basic problem is that polio destroyed some of the nerve cells that activate the muscles. To the extent possible, the neurological system …